I woke up this morning with the sad realization that today may very well be my last “first day” of school. I have always been a bit of a nerd, and although each summer I mourned the end of long, hot days spent lazily in the sun, I always felt a bit of giddiness with the anticipation of beginning the learning process for another year.

Today will most likely be the last time I get that sensation – the yearning to experience what is new coupled with the accepted loss of utter freedom. I quit my job as a paralegal nearly a month ago and have since had virtually no commitments. Well, with the exception of moving, which is always more of an endeavor than originally guessed. After a few weeks, I started to crave the stability of routine. I needed something to do everyday.

Bootcamp definitely is going to keep me busy. I have so much to learn about digital and multimedia. My goal for the end of the program is to be able to put together an entire media package – from writing an in-depth story to compiling and editing audio, video and still photography.