Headline writing is hard. Really. Professor Eisman spoke to bootcampers this morning and helped us understand the complexities of the art form. In the new digital age, some restrictions are removed but they have been quickly replaced with several others. In the glory days of print publications, space was a serious issue. You were assigned a width in inches, and it was your job to create something clever. Number of words weren’t as big, if you used short words you could fit more, e.g. But the headline had to fit a set size and there was no changing. At all.

Now, although space is more relative, that fun buzz phrase ‘search engine optimization’ has taken over. Will people find your story by typing a few key words in Google? Well, they should be able to, so journalists must keep this at the forefront of headline construction.

Today we also touched on audio editing. Although my first attempt was not stellar, I think I will catch on. I can already see the attraction for readers. Its fun to click on things. I look forward to learning more in this realm.