Fellow bootcampers received a special treat this morning. USA Today staff photographer Denny Gainer came to discuss his profession with our eager class.
He shed some light on qualities that make a brilliant photo, which I was thrilled to learn. The previous instruction I had received did not extend past the Rule of Thirds and warnings against amputating limbs. It was great to hear more about the importance of symmetry and the way that viewers’ eyes scan an image.
I also loved seeing the collection of photos Denny compiled. I am always so impressed when photographers can capture amazing images out of ridiculously challenging situations.
The discuss surrounding photojournalism ethics was another high point. It revolved around a Pulitzer Prize winning photo showcasing a starving African child. The photographer caught a lot of flack for not helping the girl. We discussed journalists’ responsibility to refrain from altering their subjects and surroundings versus the urge to help.

When I reached my apartment, I reviewed some of the photos I have previously taken and thought had some redeeming qualities.

I like the symmetry of this photo and the angle.

I took this photo while wandering around DC before class began. I didn’t really pay attention to the Rule of Third so it is a little too centered.

I like the emotion this photo conveys. It was taken on Inauguration Day in Charleston. I think I could have found a better angle, and worked on the alignment.

I like this photo because it is a little more interesting than a straightforward head shot. I took this at the swearing in of a state representative.

I played around with my camera a lot after first buying it. This photo was an experiment with flash and shutter speed.