The first week of bootcamp is over, and all are enjoying a much needed two day reprieve. On friday we completed our first Soundslides project. Josh Hatch was kind enough to provide audio and still photos from a project he worked on for USA Today (along with another reporter and photographer). We were charged with editing a 1:30 audio clip, out of a potential 40 minutes of recordings.
It was my second time using Audacity to edit audio. It is easy to learn and pretty intuitive. However, I have much room to progress. Hearing another classmate’s clip, I realized that there were so many more ways to use the program than I had in my piece. It will be a good tool to continue to play with.
We also learned a bit about customizing Google Maps – as can be seen in the previous post. This will be a great resource to add to stories.

Sunday morning we were invited by Josh Hatch to tour his office, the headquarters of USA Today and Gannette. He had joked earlier in the week about how the building seemed to him like the Disneyworld of publishing. I understood this reference after the tour today. The building is grand. The resources are impressive. But Hatch is right, no publishing company in their right mind would build it today. The place was constructed only eight years ago, which makes it all the more astounding. It is a symbol to how much times have changed in only a few years. It was also interesting to see the photo area, complete with equipment for film photography. I also loved seeing the library. It probably would be my favorite place in the building. I love the archives, and knowing that before the Internet there was really only one way to fact check – with good ole’ fashion research and books. It reminds me that I am entering the field of journalism at a pivotal time. The landscape could change every day for the next decade, until it is again unrecognizable from its former self.

And I noticed in my free copy of USA Today that they use percent “%” signs. I need to ask Hatch about that.