Rob Roberts spoke to bootcampers Tuesday about video for the web. After asking the prereq of who has actually shot video – and seeing only a few hands – he attested that most journalists are scared of video. I saw a lot of shaking heads which confirmed his assumption – mine of course was one of them. Video is intimidating. There is a ridiculous amount of editing that goes along with the actual production. Shooting is all fun and games, until you are in FinalCut Pro and realize you have nothing of value.
Roberts gave us a lot of good tips, including the five go-to, standard shots that compose a good package. He also talked about the dismal aspect of “hits” on news video. There was a minor discussion on the merits of putting in the time to make a 1:30 video that gets 600 hits. Roberts pointed out that his video with the most views was not one he planned. He made us guess as to what the content could be, reminding us that he worked for the N&O in Raleigh. I should have known.
The video is below. Give it a few more visits.