Our first day out in the field! I feel like a grade schooler who create my own field trip. Konstantine and I were assigned to cover bike messengers in McPherson square. First we went up to Bethesda to interview a manager. Clad in a Hawaiian print shirt, Dave Goldstein gave us rap on bikes as transport. It seems like an antiquated business model – at least my first thought was of bowler hats and messenger bags on skinny guys in 1930 New York. But the concept works in big cities, especially DC, a place that’s legendary traffic proceeds itself.
Talking to the guys who ride every day was pretty cool. We caught them on a break, relaxing, smoking cigs and rehydrating. They let us know it was not an easy job, but that they enjoyed being outside and the freedom associated with it.
One small world moment was when a rider, Chris Brown, told us that his mother was a journalist who graduated from AU. Turns out, his mom is Katy Daley, who has a morning show on WAMU. Check it out here.