Professor Johnson came to bootcamp today to push us further into the dreaded realm of HTML. The class started off non-threatening enough, looking at a variety of news websites and studying which were easy to use and which were aesthetically pleasing.
After perusing a plethora of sites, we stopped on Jim Brady’s brainchild TBD, which launched early this morning. The online pub has received a lot of hype. It is extremely local (he doesn’t like the term hyper local, or so he told our class during a brief drop-n) and will be linking to the TV webpages within the family and a community of bloggers. Prof Johnson asked us a vague, slightly snarky question after we traveled around the site. Will Brady and TBD change the world?
Well, no, it doesn’t seem that it will. Will it significantly affect the game? Its clear we all hope so. Everyone in the journalism community is hoping he will succeed – except maybe the City Paper and Post from which he has stolen several employees. But we’re all waiting for someone to make a some serious money off the web. Specifically, someone who is creating original content while acknowledging that linking to other original content will not be a detriment to a site, but rather a great bonus.

The rest of the day was less exciting as we got down to the nitty gritty of HTML and CSS. I left feeling bad for computer programers, it seems a truly monotonous and terrifying job.