We are finally getting to the real meat of our course: publishing our work. The American Observer is produced entirely by grad students, with minimal oversight by the department. Johnson did warn us however that if we were sued, we would automatically fail.
With that thought in mind, we were assigned our positions for a dry run. I was happy to be a reporter, exactly where I feel most comfortable. The challenge though was to propose a story idea from a set topic that could actually be finished in less than 24 hours. I guess it was our welcome to daily news. For me, the most difficult part was the subject matter. Our topic was the future of news, derived from our studies of the Nieman and Pew Reports. All of our topics could have easily been turned in to a 50 page thesis. The other issue was finding sources. Many groups proposed vox pops just became the material lent itself to public opinion.
I finally arrived on an idea and went out on my own. Updates will come soon.