Today I finally got to work on my story idea for the dry run of the American Observer. I interviewed professor Joseph Campbell about his latest book, Getting it Wrong, and his views on inaccuracies in the future of journalism. The conversation was very interesting. Campbell looks at myths and lore around some of the largest inaccuracies in American Journalism. One of the sections I focused in on most was the chapter regarding Hurricane Katrina. We discussed at length how the media at times reported rumors and misrepresented what was actually happening on the ground. It seemed that many reporters did not bother to check up on their sources. If a national guardsman told them a little girl was raped in the bathroom of the Super Dome, they didn’t ask to talk to the family or see if there was a description of the suspect. They just reported it as news. This lead to big problems as aide groups became scared to enter the city after hearing reports of sniper file and intense violence.
I managed to sit down and crank out my story in time for deadline. I don’t think it is the best work I have ever done but am overall pleased. Stay tuned to see what the outcome will be.